Avoid costly errors ...

Test your marketing message and campaign

We connect you with consumers whose profiles match your ideal customer. You can refine your marketing message to perfection based on their feedback.

Talk with your audience

Discover how your target audience will respond before you launch. Think of this as low-cost insurance for new marketing initiatives and ideas.

Who is this service for?

Startups need certainty when putting new campaigns, products or services out there. Failure is costly and budgets are precious.

What if you could easily, quickly and cheaply test new ideas, new messages or new campaigns while they are still at the design stage? Positive feedback gives you the confidence to take them to the next stage. Fast failure means you can refine or abandon them and try something better.

Either way, you win!

How does it work?

1. Set up your landing page with your message

We assume you want to target the 81% of buyers who research products online before buying. This landing page is where you craft your campaign idea.

2. Create an awsome questionnaire

What aspects of your campaign do you want to test? Do people really understand what you are saying? Create an easy open-question interview to start collecting meaningful insights.

3. Select your target audience profile

We believe that your audience is defined by their actions and interests. You can enjoy computer games when you are 12 as well as 62! Focus on what problem or pain point your customers are trying to resolve with your product rather than demographics such as how old or what gender they are.

4. Sit back and receive feedback

Now it’s action time. Our highly motivated testers are working for you within minutes. The results might reveal that your initial offering is not clear enough or does not resonate with your audience, but you should be thankful for that. If you had launched with that message, you would have wasted money and resources, and might even have damaged your brand reputation.

Take the first step!

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