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We connect actual customers with start-ups so they could ask your opinion about new product ideas.

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Tell us about yourself
Fill out an interest-based questionnaire so we can get to know you better. For example, what are you currently bingeing on Netflix? (Or are you one of those people with “self-control”?)

Meet your MicroTest

We’ll email you when we’ve found a MicroTest that’s a perfect fit for your unique blend of expertise.
Chat with MicroBot
Grab your preferred beverage and sit down for a 15 minute IM chat. No need to record an awkward video, talk to another human — or even put on pants.
Make money
Once you’ve submitted your answers, we’ll review the results and send £5 to your bank account. Transfers are safe, secure and arrive in under 72 hours.

You’ve always had a good instinct for which products are gonna be winners — and which ones are stinkers. You’re usually right, and rarely wrong. Friends and family are always seeking you out for your opinion. But what if your valued opinion could provide even more value for everyone involved?

By joining MicroTesting App as a Tester, you can help the makers and doers of today validate the big ideas of tomorrow. Answer questions discreetly and securely via chatbot.

What's in it for you?


That’s right, we’ll pay you cold, hard cash for the opinions you’ve been giving your friends and family for free.

No withdrawal minimums
If you just complete one MicroTest and decide it’s not for you, that’s totally cool. We’ll send you your £5 with no hard feelings.
Microtest on your time

Do them while you mow your lawn.
Do them while you’re on the john.
Fit in sessions here or there,
We promise you, we do not care.

0 human interaction guaranteed
Other testing platforms require you to engage through audio/video recordings. MicroTesting is identical to talking to your friends through IM (except you make money).

Fast-growing companies thrive on ideas. But they’re not all gonna be good. That’s where you come in. And here’s a pro tip: the more detailed your profile, the higher the number of invitations in your inbox (and the bigger your payout). 

Approximately 15 minutes. 

We are partnering with companies in every industry. We’ll get your opinion on certain aspects of their idea: the things you like, the things you don’t and the things you find kind of confusing. But you’ll only receive MicroTests that are related to your interests and behaviour. 

TL;DR: We’re not going to bother you with stuff you have no knowledge or interest in.

Nope, we’re device agnostic. As long as you have an internet connection, we don’t give a duck what kind of device you use. 

Negative. It’s identical to talking with friends on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. The only difference is you’re getting paid to do it. 

We’ll pay you immediately after every test you complete. There’s no minimum for withdrawals and the money will be in your account in 2-3 working days. 

First of all, if it were, do you really think we’d put it in the FAQ section? But no, it’s not. None of your personal data will be sold to 3rd party sites; only your input from the MicroTests you complete will be shared with our partner companies.